Bundling Home & Auto Insurance

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To improve the personal lines experience for Mylo, we were brought in. This was where customers would get recommendations and quotes for both home and auto insurance.


The quoting experience had a high drop off, was extremely long, and frustrated customers.​​​​​​​


We believe that by reducing the length of the buy flow and implementing pre-fill elements, customer conversion will go up, session time will go down, and customer frustration will be reduced.

Mapping out opportunities and pain points

We audited and documented the experience as it existed so we could go to the Mylo team with areas where improvements could be made. We found a bunch of quick wins and larger experience issues. We knew coming in with recommendations early would start the conversation off in the right direction.


There was an excessive amount of pages, personal information was required too early, and multiple instances of duplicate or optional questions

Leveraging architecture flows to gain stakeholder buy-in

Knowing that presenting large experience changes can be challenging, we opted to design out and present flows that visually represented how streamlined a new bundled experience was. This made getting buy-in easy as the improvements would deliver Mylo their original requests.

Implementing pre-fill elements to bring Mylo up to industry standards

A significant aspect of this project involved integrating a third-party data source that could enable Mylo to pre-populate customer data and enhance their experience. However, we received information halfway through the project that Mylo's budget might run out at times, and they would have to suspend pre-fill data pulls. Therefore, we designed an alternative pathway for such scenarios.

Solution: Multi-car quick select to reduce manual entry

We created the ability for users to quickly add or remove a car or driver. By utilizing our pre-fill feature we were able to find any cars users had and automatically surface that information. This would help them get to their quote sooner.

Solution: Easy editing and simplification of user's home details

To reduce cognitive overload, we created an easy way for people to review their prefilled home information and edit it, if necessary. We removed or hid optional questions and allowed them to select their current address when multiple addresses were found.

Solution: A unified bundle experience

The old experience had home and auto as two separate quoting experiences, which forced users to enter the same information twice. We designed the new experience to have home and auto quotes in the same flow, rather than have two disjointed experiences.


Page volume reduction

We were able to reduce the overall page number by 81%. We did this by utilizing a combination of pre-fill elements and UX best practices.

Reduced time spent

By reducing the overall number of pages in the experience, we were able to reduce the time it took for customers to receive their quotes by 16%.

Shorter call time

Due to the updated experience customer service agents had to spend 5% less time collecting missing information and were able to close more deals with potential customers.

Happy clients

The Mylo team was happy with the delivered product and saw the immediate value it provided. This led to an increased UX budget and more projects.

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